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Welcome to Homoeopathic cyber clinic of Dr. Brajnish. This website has been made for the regular patient as well as for those new patient who require online consultation from Dr. Brajnish. The objective of this website is to provide a comprehensive information and support service for the better health and happiness of the people. This portal provides online homoeopathic consultation that you can avail of without stepping out of your’s home/office.No need to wait at your’s doctor clinic,the medicine will be available at your’s home.

Dr. Brajnish is a senior homoeopath who has been into homoeopathic practice since 1992. I invite the suggestions / inputs from all to make me to develop this site as one stop guide to better health of all.

Homeopathy is a safe and effective system of healing that has been verified experimentally and clinically.
Homeopathy believes in the holistic, totalistic and individualistic approach as it considers the body as a whole. It treat the patient as an individual and thereby all types of disease.

Myths and Facts
Myth: Homeopathy is slow to act
Fact: It is a myth that homeopathy is slow to act. In acute ailments like fever, diarrhea, acute infections etc, it acts as fast as conventional medicines, sometimes even faster. In chronic cases like diabetes, Parkinsonism, Psoriasis etc , it may require sometime to eradicate the disease completely from the body and make the body free from any medicines instead of conventional treatments which gives instant relief but the medicine has to be taken life long.

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